Profile of the company PSKD

Basic information

Company name: PSKD – Operation and Construction of Rail Transport
Seat: Trnavská cesta 25, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Incorporation of the company: September 20, 2001
Právna forma: "club form", non-profit company, without legal personality, voluntary membership, governed by "Company statute"



Company bodies:

General meeting of the company members – supreme body of the company

Secretariat of the company – executive body of the company:

Secretariat of the company – executive body of the company:


Company members

logo zsr

Železnice Slovenskej republiky, Bratislava

logo zss

Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s. Bratislava

logo zssk cargo

Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s. Bratislava

logo zu

Žilinská univerzita v Žiline

logo stu svf

Stavebná fakulta Slovenskej technickej univerzity v Bratislave

logo stu fa

Fakulta architektúry Slovenskej technickej univerzity v Bratislave

logo svf ke

Stavebná fakulta Technickej univerzity v Košiciach

logo tu

Technická univerzita v Braunschweigu, Nemecko

logo dpmb

Dopravný podnik Bratislava, a.s.

logo dpmk

Dopravný podnik mesta Košice, a.s.

logo vud

Výskumný ústav dopravný, a.s. Žilina

logo bid

Bratislavská integrovaná doprava, a.s.

logo reming

REMING CONSULT a.s., Bratislava



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Goals and Ambitions of PSKD

• to be a high-quality platform for interconnection of theory with practice,
• to support research and development in the field of rail transport and transport in general and its application into practice,
• to be a determining source of ideas and integration of railway, urban, and other rail transport in Slovakia,
• to make further enlightenment for railway and urban rail transport as the most ecological, the safest, high-capacity, and the quickest method of transportation and its integration in cities, regions, states and the EU,
• to be a high-quality and opinion-making advisor for railway companies, transportation companies, other state organisations and the Ministry of Transport, Construction, and Regional Development in the field of railway and urban rail transport, in the field of transportation policy of the state and at the analysis of the state and at the creation of development programs and strategy of transportation in Slovakia.
• to create creative atmosphere for discussion and for solving problems in operation and in maintenance,
• to initiate implementation of technical and technological novelties into operation, but mainly into preparation and realisation of modernisation projects of railway and urban transport infrastructure and modernisation of mobile means,
• to take part in the development and increase of university education quality by co-operation with selected universities on the level of professors and students, to increase their motivation by lectures from practice, internships, and excursions.

Future strategy

Goals and ambitions of PSKD Company are clearly defined and actual. Company actions remain focused on using all present forms of activities with emphasis on discussion clubs, workshops, student contests, field trips and particularly organisation of international conference Forum of Rail Transport.

Future tasks of PSKD Compnay are:
• Serve as a quality theory and praxis interface platform,
• Support research and development of rail transport and transport in general, its practical application,
• Be the most important source of ideas for development and integration of railway, urban and general transport in Slovakia,
• Promote railway and urban rail transport as the most ecological, safest, high capacity and fastest mean of transport and its integration within cities, regions, states and EU,
• Be quality and influential advisor to railway companies, transport companies, other state governed organisations and Ministry of Transport in the fields of railway and urban rail transport, transport policy of state and in analysis and development programs of slovak transport,
• Establish a creative atmosphere for discussions and solving the problems in operation and maintanance,
• Initiate the introduction of technical and technological innovations in operation, especially to the preparation and construction of modernization and integration of rail and urban transport infrastructure and the modernization of rolling stock,
• Take part in developing and improving the quality of higher education through cooperation with selected universities at the level of professors and students, increase their motivation by lecturesfrom praxis, internships and excursions.
PSKD company has directed its efforts mainly on professional consulting and advisory services in the development of the concept of public passenger and freight transport in cities, regions, and a total of Slovakia in the EU context.