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Discussion Clubs

One of the important activities of the company PSKD is Discussion clubs. Since 2003 the Secretariat of the company has been organizing Discussion clubs which are, generally, held quarterly and a subject is predetermined.

Past subjects of Discussion clubs.

1. Problem of considering subterranean waters flow by designing big line underground construction. Experience with analogical constructions in Bratislava, Slovakia and abroad.
2. Solution of Municipal Public Transport in European cities - examples for the model of Bratislava and its region.
3. Foundation, statics and design of transport engineering structures. Examples of structures in our country and abroad. Excursion to selected railway tracks and municipal rail transport tracks in Europe.
4. New types of track superstructure construction - their versatility in our country and abroad.
5. Excursion
6. ISK 200 - Implementácia železničnej legislatívy EÚ na ŽSR. Nové trendy v koncepcii budovania železničných koridorov.
7. Excursion
8. Excursion
9. Excursion
On 12.4.2012 conclusive Discussion Club of the PSKD Company – Operation and Construction of Rail Transport took place, with title:

„Operation and efficiency of modernised railway corridors in Slovakia“

Representatives from Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Railways, AM Sudop spol.s r.o.., REMING CONSULT a.s. attended the club. It was lead by Dipl.Ing. Peter Červenka who represented obtained data for:
• Investment costs of the modernisation of railways for 160 km/h.
• Investment costs of the modernisation of railways.
• Operating costs for modernising railways and bottlenecks.
• Induced investments, occuying of the new plots, its volume, type and optimalization possibilities.
• Evaluation of environmental impacts on land, urban areas, safety, comfort and quality.
• Optimalisation of construction pricing.
Attendants agreed on need of creation of the following discussion clubs:
• Noise of traffic.
• Pricing optimalisation, Public Procurement Act and quality management in railway constructions.
• Optimalisation of tunnel gauge.
• Change of traction mains on railway corridors.




WORKSHOP k vyhláške č.250/1997 Z.z.

6. Diskusný klub k novelizácii zákona o dráhach a vyhlášky o stavebnom poriadku dráh, ale i ďalších súvisiacich vyhlášok a predpisov (napr. Ž11) v súvislosti s implementáciou platných a pripravovaných legislatívnych noriem EÚ, mal v uplynulom období svoje pokračovanie vo forme ďalších workshopov pod záštitou ISK 200 a spoločnosti PSKD.
Cieľom workshopov je prediskutovať možnosti a potreby železničného sektoru a následne navrhnúť príslušné modifikácie Vyhlášky MDPT 250/97 Z.z. a súvisiacich zákonov a predpisov. Workshopov sa zúčastňujú zástupcovia Ministerstva dopravy, pôšt a telekomunikácii Slovenskej republiky, Železníc Slovenskej republiky, Železničnej spoločnosti Cargo Slovakia, a.s., Železničnej spoločnosti Slovensko, a.s. a predstavitelia Spoločnosti PSKD a Iniciatívy SK 200.

In the period of 7th - 9th June 2006 a workshop titled "Corridor Štetín - Konstancia and its continuity across-borders" was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with a TER project manager and PSKD Company as an organizational guarantee in Košice.
The workshop aimed to examine possible tracings of the Corridor Štetín - Konstancia in cross-borders area of Railways of Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Rumania.
Contents of the workshop focused on technical, economic, operational and legislative appraisal of the railway corridor and a proposal of its optimal tracing. The workshop concluded in an agreement on extent and content of further cooperation of the participants.
Participants of the workshop involved representatives of Ministries of Transport of The Czech Republic and The Slovak Republic, a TER project manager, representatives of Ukrainian Railways, Rumanian Railways, Slovak Railways, Railway Company Cargo a.s., Sudop Praha a.s. and representatives of PSKD Company.


Workshop ČIERNA NAD TISOU 2006
The Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with a TER project manager and PSKD Company as an organizational guarantee organised a "Workshop Čierna nad Tisou 2006" which was held in Košice in the hotel Bankov in the period of 19th - 21st April 2006.
The workshop included a drive and a visit of a railway transhipment station Čierna nad Tisou.
The workshop was aimed to analyse conditions and extent of modernization of the transhipment station Čierna nad Tisou and its further development regarding positive advancement of preparation and construction of the international corridor number V.: Bratislava - Žilina - Košice - Čierna nad Tisou - Užhorod - Ľvov and at the same time to coordinate its development with the development of a similar transshipment station Záhony in the Hungarian territory at the corridor number V.
Participants of the workshop involved representatives of Ministries of Transport of The Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, a TER project manager, representatives of Hungarian Railways, Austrian Railways, Slovak Railways, Railway Company Cargo a.s., Sudop Praha a.s. and representatives of PSKD Company.


In the period of 14th October to 18th November 2004 Workshop with the subject of "Airport Bratislava 2004" was held. It was aimed to elaborate alternative solutions of connecting the airport of M.R.Štefánik to transport infrastructure of the city and railways in accordance with urban solution of the area, its planned activities and architectonic design of future terminals of public passenger transport. Four professional teams took place at the workshop, two of whom were from Slovak technical University in Žilina, one from University of Žilina and one from REMING Consult, a.s. company. At the end of the workshop solution alternatives of the solving teams were presented and evaluated and their further development and utilization was recommended.


Workshop TRENČÍN 2003
In April 2003, with final evaluation on 6th May 2003, Workshop "Trenčín" took place under the patronage of Slovak Railways, a mayor of city of Trenčín and PSKD company. It was aimed to offer alternative solutions of urbanism, architecture and transport infrastructure to city of Trenčín in accordance with the new solution of the rail track modernization for the speed limit up to 160 km/hour. Six different collectives from various companies took place at the workshop (Dopravoprojekt, a.s., AUREX, s.r.o., Fakulty of Architecture of STU, REMING Consult a.s. and two architectonic offices from Trenčín). Competing designs were evaluated by a committee of specialists. Results of the workshop were presented to general public, as well as experts, of Trenčín city.


Workshop NIMNICA 2003
Under the auspices of PSKD Company, a Workshop in Nimnica took place in the period of 9th to 12th February 2003. The subject of the workshop was Architectonic and landscape solution of the region by reason of a new routing of the rail track modernization in the section of Púchov - Považská Bystrica. The event was held in cooperation and with participation of mayors of concerned towns and commune, experts and educationists from the Faculty of Architecture of STU, representatives of Slovak railways and designers of AUREX s.r.o., REMING Consult a.s. and their co-operators. The Department of Scenic and Park Architecture represented the expert guarantee. Results of the workshop were presented at the exhibition in the building of Slovak railways of Bratislava, in Klemensova street. The exhibition was opened on 26th March 2003. Results of the workshop positively influenced attitudes of the representatives of the towns and the commune as well as other specialist institutions by consideration of the construction effect on landscape and environment.


Project Tasks

One of the forms how to pursue the company's aims is handling Project tasks.
01 /2001 Practical experience and overcoming negative attitude of operating components to the use and construction of shortened junction curves according to Bloss.
02 /2001 Switch joint 1:24 between rails in curves r>1200, developed abroad, enabling rise on conical surface by speed in curve v>100 km/hour in transformed state.
03 /2001 Increase of speed and bearing, providing BK on TEŽ (Electric Railways of Tatras) tracks in accordance with employment of new electric sets produced in ŽOS Vrútky.
05 /2001 Compensating device for alternating traction developed in EVTÚ N Dubnica. Practical use, conditions of application in NS Nové Zámky. Comparison of technical parameters and economic efficiency.
06 /2001 Proposal of a technical regulation "Technical and ecological requirements for designing base course of sleeper subgrade of railway tracks reinforced by geogrid".
01 /2002 Utilization of engines recovery on tracks of Slovak railways with alternating traction after 1st January 2003.
02 /2002 Calculation of setting elements of cross-overs between curved tracks and other rail constructions.

Although actual experience with this form of activities has not proved extremely positive among specialists, project tasks will remain one of the forms of pursuing aims of PSKD Company.



Symposium of PSKD Company

On 6th. octobre 2011 symposium of PSKD Company was held on accasion of 10th anniversary of its establishment.
Main representatives and experts from railway field met. There were presented lectures on topics as „Development of railway and urban rail transport in Slovakia on the edge of centuries“ or „Ambitions and strategy of railway transport in Slovakia in context of EU and Asia“.
Feedback to this event was very positive which is very appreciated by the company PSKD.

List of lectures:
1. Development of railway transport in Slovakia on the edge of centuries (Jiří Kubáček)
2. Development of urban rail transport in Bratislava on the edge of centuries (Bronislav Weigl)
3. Strategy of city dvelopment and role of integrated rail transport development (Tibor Schlosser, Ingrid Konradová)
4. Urban rail transport in Kosice on the edge of centuries, actual situation and future plans (Juraj Krempaský)
5. Contribution to discussion about the future of the railway system (Ondrej Podolec, Peter Červenka, Peter Harabín)
6. Quality and affordable railway infrastructure - base for passenger and freight rail transport development in Slovakia (Ján Simčo)
7. ZSR strategy - regional development (Peter Šišolák, Daniel Maruniak)
8. Strategy of railway infrastructure development in Slovakia - Europe 2020 (Milan Mečár)


Students' competition 2002

In close cooperation with Faculty of Architecture of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Slovak Railways and REMING Consult a.s. a non-anonymous students competition with a set topic "Shelter for passengers - railway stops of Slovak Railways" was organized. Expert committee positively assessed creative approach and originality of the designs, quality of graphical execution as well as the content itself. Solemn evaluation of the competition and opening of the exhibition presenting all twenty competing designs took place in premises of Headquarters of Slovak Railways in Bratislava in Klemensova Street on 23rd April 2004. The first two designs were recommended to be elaborated to a sample project for use by construction of railway corridors.


Expert Committee BID

In November 2002 an expert committee, initiated by a general director of Transport Company of Bratislava Ing. Ján Zachar and under the auspices of a Minister of State of Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic Ing. Ján Kotuľa, came into operation. The committee deals with coordination of public passenger transport in the region of Bratislava, especially regarding integration of railway transport into integrated system of passenger transport in Bratislava. Meetings of the committee were held regularly every two weeks and discussions were led by specialists from universities, a research institution and project organizations and experts from Municipality, Self-governing region of Bratislava, Slovak Railways of Bratislava, Railway Company a.s., Slovak Bus Company, METRO, a.s. and Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic. The closing statement on activities of the committee recommended initiation of Memorandum of common procedure of concerned organs and organizations.


Studio Creation

In the academic year of 2003-2004 the Faculty of Architecture of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and REMING Consult a.s. company called an appeal for Studio Creation of 4th and 5th year of Department of Design. The topic for Studio Creation was "Railway stops equipment in Slovakia". The appeal resulted in 10 designs processed graphically, in models and visual form. As mutually agreed, all of the designs were published in a form of Catalogue being disposable for use of designing constructions of railway stations and stops.