Undertakings schedule for 2015/2016

A/ Discussion clubs

Restoration of the rail link Zvolen - Šahy - Budapest

Analyzing traffic flows, the state of infrastructure, the conditions of land use plans and development plans of territories, investment intensity, in the context of EU transport policy and cross-border cooperation.
Result: documents to enter the feasibility study

Term: 2015
Place: Zvolen


Legislation in asset management ZSR

Transfer of ownership and use rights in respect of modernization of transport infrastructure and related induced investments. The transfer of ownership of the land abandoned, respectively. non-operated railway lines and buildings.

Term: 2015
Place: Trenčianske Teplice


Objectives and concept development of railway transport in Slovakia, in the context of TEN-T, through the eyes of experts and enthusiasts _vers. an official strategy of the Ministry and the Government.
- The level and parameters modernization corridors no. IV, V and VI in Slovakia in the TEN-T
- High-speed lines across Slovak
- Second main move south
- Electrification of the network ZSR
- Risk Management
- Combined Transport
- "TramTrain" - the feasibility of such an approach in larger agglomerations (variants of the technical solution, operational and economic justification)

Term: rok 2016
Place: Trenčianske Teplice


The concept of ERTMS, ETCS and GSM-R on Slovak railways

Universal interface for the application of any existing systems in the network ZSR. What should be the most effectiv (technical and price) concept of ZSR

Term: 2016
Place: Bratislava


B/ Excursion

The development of railways in the EU, transport policy and integration
Term: 2016
Place: Italy, Austria, Czech republic


C/ Student contest

Téma: The unification of railway stations and stops and complex equipment
The unification of railway stations and stops and complex equipment .

Term: winter term 2015/2016
Place: SvF and FA STU Bratislava, SF ŽU in Žilina and SF TU Košice


D/ Workshops

New technologies for firefighting equipment in railway tunnels
New progressive technologies.Current legislation and standards - need for innovation.

Term: 29.10.2015
Place: Bratislava


E/ International conference – 12th Forum of Rail Transport

12th annual international conference Forum of Rail Transport will take place on 15 and 16 March 2016 again in the conference rooms of the Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Bratislava. Director General DG Move, Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, Rector of the University of Zilina, Rector of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and rector of the Technical University in Košice were asked to take the patronage over this year.
Secretariat of the company named in the preparatory committee of the conference Mgr. Verona Štefanovičova, Ing. Marta Turanská and Ing. Slavomír Podmanický jr.
Anticipated topics:
- The development of rail transport in the EU and Slovakia in the period 2014 - 2020
- Competitiveness and challenges for rail transport
- Integration of public passenger transport and cross-border links
For the success of this international railway forum is necessary that all members of PSKD Company actively assist in its preparation and help ensure the highest quality and interesting presentations, resp. help in media and sponsorship partners acquisition.


F/ Award "Personality of railway and urban rail transport for 2016"

Following five successful years and based on a proposal from the Secretariat, the General meeting of the Company PSKD recommended to realise the 6th year of this prestigious award. Awards will be handed during gala evening of the 12th Forum of Rail Transport on 15th March 2016.
The rules for nomination and the determination of winner of the 2016 defines the Statute, approved by the 10th session of the General Meeting of the Company PSKD in 2010.
Time schedule, the process of nomination and voting of this prestigious award for the year 2016:
02.10.2015 - call for nominations will be sent to all members of PSKD Company.
30.11.2015 - all members within that deadline notify the Secretariat of the names of nomineesincluding their order from 1 to 5 if will nominate more than one candidate.
26.01.2016 - the Secretariat at its regular meeting determine the final nominees.
15.03.2016 - at a joint meeting of the Scientific Committee of the Conference 12.FKD that will be held before the opening of the conference, present members of the Scientific Committee, representatives of members of PSKD Company and members of the Secretariat PSKD using secret vote elect the winner of the prize for the year 2016.
Information on this prestigious award and of its results for 2016 will be publicized (form will be agreed operatively - press conference or press release only).